Star Construction

Haldwani, Uttarakhand , India


Home Construction

Our endeavor is not only to construct a home but to build a “Sapno KA Ghar”, A Dream House. You just sit with us and discuss your plan we will show case your imagination first on paper then on field. A brilliant team of Stars in which you are a team member together we will create a successful synergy of efforts.

Commercial Construction

We are with your business and a successful business is means a well design Commercial complex. We have experience in constructing godowns, parking complexes and multi storied multiplexes Cinema theatres, Bamboo Huts and many more architectural designs. So that you will love to work with our team.

Roads & Bridges Construction

A good stretch of road and Bridges requires good time and space management. A huge emphasis of the safety aspect of the structure. Time, money and resource management are of utmost importance for us. Stars quality construction services with state of the art design technology will definitely speak volumes.

Design & Drawings

Designing with your ideas and drawing shapes to them is our prime concern. Your satisfaction is utmost for us. Our team of designers will get engaged with you and something innovative will come out of the discussions.

Interior Designing

Interior Designing of Houses and Commercial Complexes is most sought after service. We have state of the art technology to give virtual demonstration before implementing the imagined interiors.

Landscape Design

Thoughtful landscape design is the key to creating an outdoor oasis. To help you transform your own patios, yards & gardens, we have inspiring landscaping ideas, which truly make the most of natural surroundings.

Home Renovation

‘Ek jamana gujar gaya aur kuch naya chahiye’ knock to Stars. Modern home with least cost and design will come up in which you will feel satisfied to live with modern interior renovated designs which gives you feeling of modern home with old ownership.

Green Energy House

You need a home with least energy requirement to save your electricity bills. We design such homes with renewable energy which is replenished by nature itself. Add to greens we gives solutions for your self-water consumption through water harvesting technology.

Water Body Setup

We stars mark your home with lofty ideas with water bodies all around to have a feeling of living with nature. Swimming Pool, small waterfalls and state of the art gravity falls with sparkling lights will add splendour in your home.

Pergola Setup

We help making your house a story of nature lover and dedicated eco activist, of course this infrastructure is constructed by Wood, Fiberglass, PVC, Metal and Stone/Brick but it will give an additional flare to increase your home’s sophistication.

Eco Huts

You want to live in a thatched mud house to feel the gaon ki khusbu a feeling of an old age Jhoppari with all the modern amenities. We Stars have real time experience, to experience the old day’s home with peace in mind all along.

Customized Furniture

You have your own space and interior designing has created need of space and you do not want to search from one furniture shop to other just tell us what kind of Furniture you want we will design according to the need of Interior requirements.